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A Masterpiece in the Making

By Minty Olson
I’m the Newbie…I’ve only been on staff with Idaho Falls Rescue Missions, specifically “Ruth House” for about a month.  Part of my job is to interview and write the stories of the women of Ruth House.  Hopefully, this will be a series of inspirational and thought provoking articles.  I’ve chosen to begin with Bethany.  Her story stood out to me because she glows.  She is a light to everyone she encounters.  She is a walking miracle.
Bethany grew up as the youngest of 5 children with parents who worked a lot and spent very little time at home with their growing family.  Elementary school was very difficult because of a learning disability that was never officially diagnosed. 
At 11 years old Bethany’s parents divorced and she was introduced to alcohol to numb herself from the pain of her broken family.  At 12 she discovered marijuana which led to speed, acid, mushrooms and cocaine.  By the time she graduated from high school, she was an alcoholic and drug addict.
After becoming a Cosmetologist, at age 23, Bethany married a man who was also addicted to illegal drugs.  During their 15 years of marriage, they had 2 daughters and managed to maintain a fairly “normal” life by keeping their drug use to only the weekends.  During this time, she also completed her education in nursing.  Their drug addiction demons plagued them until they finally lost the battle and divorced in 2006.
“I wanted to give my kids what I never had growing up and I think I did for a while.  When I was going through my divorce, I got involved with friends from my past that were using meth and it stole my life from me.”

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