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From Homeless to Fearless and Determined
MarkFor Mark Johnson a life of stability and blessings seemed like a distant dream only two years ago. Mark had lived a hard life of drugs, alcohol and bouncing from one shelter to the next for years. Today, Mark is a happy, successful, full-time employee of a job with benefits and no longer is on the run from his addictions, past, or other things that kept him from having this “normal” life.             
Mark grew up in a dysfunctional home of drugs and alcohol. His father was a heavy drinker and eventually died when he was only 54. Growing up Mark’s father was hard to get along with and very stern. Mark first got into drugs when he was 12 and struggled with addictions from that point forward.
It was a constant struggle to feed his need for a fix and he unsuccessfully tried drug after drug to fill that hole of loneliness and of feeling empty. Eventually Mark became so consumed in his constant need to get high that he would do whatever it took to get more, including lying, stealing and making promises he couldn’t keep.
That feeling of being unsuccessful and not accomplishing what he desired turned him away from family and God, and more towards drugs and alcohol. It was not an overnight thing of working and having a good life and then becoming homeless and to the point where he hit the end of his rope. It started small and gradual. “I had my own business for several years and that didn’t go anywhere and a lot of it was lack of motivation, and the economy was not the best either.”
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